Thursday, April 20, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions - Series

Since my novel came out in August, I've been doing a lot of speaking at book stores, libraries, and other literary places.  (I love it! How lucky am I to have a job where going to bookstores and libraries is work?!) I typically read an excerpt then talk about the inspiration behind Peculiar Miracles and a little bit about myself. 

Because I based the title character (Antoinette) on my daughter Grace, inevitably things get personal.  (Which is fine with me.  I wouldn't have told the world Antoinette was based on my daughter if I didn't want to invite questions!) What's interesting to me is that no matter where I am, the questions people ask are remarkable similar.  They always ask 1) How I find time to write with 6 kids and 2) Why we adopted more special needs children after we adopted Grace.  This second question is always followed up with a statement that goes something like: "Bless you.  I could never do that."

A few weeks ago, as I drove home from a book event in Berea KY, I thought about the questions people had (again) asked.  To me, it's strange that people are interested in our family because this is just my life.  I don't think about what I'm doing.  I just do it.  (Nike, if you want an out of shape middle-aged woman as a spokesperson, feel free to get in touch.) 

But, since I get so many questions along the same lines, I thought I'd start a blog series that covers some of the frequent questions I get.  I'll cover both writing related questions and parenting/special needs questions and anything else I can think of.  And by all means, jump in with any questions you have.  I'll answer them if I can.

The reason I chose to do this is because I'm constantly surprised at the number of people who sell themselves short.  The people who think they couldn't parent a special needs child--that it takes some kind of super power to do so.  Or the people who think they could never write a novel (or whatever else it is that they dream of doing.)  I'm hoping that by sharing my life a little more, you'll see that if I can do it (whatever "it" is), you can too. 


  1. Yes, people are often so sure of what they just would not be able to do ... until they have to do it. I look forward to your coming posts. And Nike would be lucky to have you...:)

  2. Exactly. We're all capable of more than we believe!

    As for Nike, well I think I'm a little too clumsy for them!