Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Embracing the Wildness

I loosely spiral plyed this yarn.
There's a wildness in my life that I've been fighting.  You see, I wanted a nice, orderly life.  A quiet life.  One where stress never walked through the front door because I had everything beautifully under control.

I hear you laughing now.

My struggle to contain the chaos in my life is exhausting.  Even worse, it has robbed me of joy.  It was difficult to enjoy my kids.  Difficult to write.

Recently, I started handspinning yarn.   I bought a Louet S10 spinning wheel off of ebay and got started.  I learned to make beautiful, smooth, even yarn.  And I loved it.

Then, I found Art Yarn.

Art yarn is all about texture.  It's about learning the traditional rules for spinning and then letting the wildness in.

And that's where beauty happens.

Crazy coils! 
You get these lumps and bumps.  Wild strands of mohair.  Textures and twists that just don't happen in traditional yarn.  In order for the beauty to happen, you have to let go.  You have to embrace the bumps.

When I look back at my life, it's been the unexpected parts that have brought me the most joy.  The things I didn't plan for or try to control.

The parts that are the most beautiful are also the parts that were stressful.  Chaotic.  Wild.

Life is not a smooth ride.  It's bumpy and lumpy.  Full of texture.  Full of unexpected chaos and joy.

From now on, I plan to embrace the wildness in my life.  And when this wild ride is over, I bet that the crazy, texture-full moments will be the ones that brought me the most joy.

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