Monday, December 29, 2014

Fear and Special Needs

In my newest video, I talk about the fear that parents feel when they discover that their child has special needs.  I decided to make this video after reading an article about an Australian couple whose child would have been born with a cleft hand.  They decided to have an abortion when the mother was 28 weeks pregnant.  As the mother of several special needs children, I understand the fear they were feeling (boy have I felt it myself!)

But it's my hope that we stop viewing people with special needs as only their need.  When we look at someone and only see their need, of course it's scary.  But when we look at people as individuals, whose needs are only a small part of who they are, the fear that we will not be able to handle parenting them, and the fear that their lives will be so difficult that they are not worth living, dissipates.

The next video will be writing related! I promise!

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