Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our schedule while in China

For those of you following along, here is our schedule while in China:

March 14 -- Leave at 4:30 pm!!
March 16 -- Arrive in Zhengzhou at 9:40 am
March 17 -- Meet Jonathan!!!  I don't know what time yet.
March 18 -- Go to Civil Affairs to register adoption
March 19 -- travel to Jiaozuo by van to apply for notary and passport.  Trip is 2 hours each way.  Yuck!
March 20 -- Get the notaries in afternoon, then fly to JiNan and meet Gabrielle!
March 21 -- Civil Affairs to register Gabrielle's adoption
March 22-23 -- Free days.  (Thank Goodness!  We'll be exhausted by then.)
March 24 -- Go to the notary
March 25-26 -- Waiting for passports
March 27 -- Fly to Guangzhou
March 28 -- Medical and TB tests for each child
March 29-30 -- Free
March 31 -- Get medical results
April 1 -- Consulate appointments
April 2 -- Get kids' visas in afternoon and then leave China at 9:30 pm!
April 3 -- We are home!!  6:20 am!!

As I've done before, I'm going to try to update the blog from China.  I'll also try to post pictures and short updates on Facebook.  


  1. So excited for your family!! Wish we were going to be there with you again!

  2. Stephanie, how exciting! Sending good vibes to you....looking forward to seeing pics! :)

    You're flying directly into Zhengzhou....will you be staying at the same hotel we stayed at on the previous trip? Still have such good memories of Jade and Caleb being silly together......

    Happy trails! Congratulations!