Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Which the Cuteness War Escalates

As you know from yesterday's post, I am engaged in a cuteness war with the clever Alex Villasante.  I thought I was safe when I posted yesterday's picture.  I mean, how can you top a dog holding a basket of puppies? 

My friends, she did.  Bunnies in teacups.  Villasante, you are the cuteness master.  I bow before you, and leave you with Dog in swing.

And now, I must return to grading my college students' stories and starting a new one of my own.  Oh yeah, and there's a contest announcement I'll be making soon...


  1. One day, grasshopper, you may reach my level of cuteness. You came DAMN close with the bulldog in the swing (I had to bite my lip to keep from going AWWWW!) Go, grade your student papers with cuteness in your heart. Look forward to hearing about your new WIP soon ;)

  2. LOL - oh my, you two are something else! And I get to reap the benefit OF ALL THE THINGS CUTE you keep posting!!! BWAHAHAHA

  3. If I were judging this, I think I'd have to declare a winner. I almost can't stand how cute this is.

  4. I'm practicing, Alex. And I'll be back...

    Kerri & Jenny -- isn't that the cutest dog ever??? I love how he's all like, "Yeah, some crazy person put me in a swing. What about it?"