Friday, December 2, 2011

It's official!!!

I have an agent!  I just signed the contract, so now I am represented by Daniel Lazar of Writers House!  I'm still stunned.  I only started querying on Halloween.  I expected to spend at least six months looking for an agent (and that was being optimistic.)  Never in a million years did I expect to sign with such a fantastic agent in such a short amount of time. 

So, here's how it all went down.  I queried Daniel on 11/9/11.  He requested the full manuscript the same day.  His wasn't the first request I received, but I was nervous anyway.  If you're a writer, you understand.  Every time I sent something out to an agent it felt like turning my skin inside out.  Scary.  Very Scary. 

Still, life goes on, especially when you have four kids.  I went about my day.  I refrained from checking my email every two minutes--showing great restraint, I only checked it every five minutes--and tried to forget (HA! as if that was possible) that an agent might be reading my book right this very second!!! 

Fast forward to this Tuesday (11/29/11).  I got an email from Daniel asking if I had time to talk to him on the phone some time that day.  Um, yeah.  I had time.  I spent the day walking in circles with both my cell phone and my home phone tucked into my pockets.  I tried not to get too excited (didn't work).  He might be calling to ask me to revise the novel and resubmit it.  He might be calling to say he read it, but didn't love it.  Or...he might be calling to offer to represent me. 

Finally, at 4:30, the phone rang.  Three of the kids were home.  Attempting to appear professional, I bribed them into silence and ran into the other room.  

It was The Call.  He offered to represent me.  I was stunned.  He said he liked several things about the book, but that there were also several things that needed to be changed.  If I accepted the offer, big rewrites would be involved.  I suspected this because the entire time he had the manuscript he would periodically email me with his thoughts on edits the book needed. 

If you're a writer, you know what a great kindness this is.  You know how it feels to wonder what's going on with the manuscript you submitted.  Agents are busy people.  They don't have to update you.  You're not their client.  They have no obligation to you.  Taking the time to do this was one of the (many) things that impressed me about Dan. 

The other thing (okay--besides the fact that he's a Rock Star of an agent!) that impressed me were his suggestions about the book.  The things he thought needed to change were not small things, but they were the right things.  If I accepted his offer, I would work with an independent editor to revise the manuscript before he submits it to publishers. 

All of this was going through my mind during our phone conversation.  (Well, that and trying not to embarrass myself too much!)  Another agent had my manuscript so I didn't accept his offer right away.  I notified the other agent and waited to hear from her before making my decision. 

Obviously, you know the outcome.  I'm thrilled to say that I am now represented by Daniel Lazar.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the thing that's so exciting is that I'm working with people (I just got off the phone with my editor and she is Fantastic!  Really, I love her already!) that get what I'm trying to do with the story. 

So what's next?  Well, I dive into the revision process.  Again.  And I'm excited to do so!  After that, we try to find a publisher which is a whole different process! 


  1. I just wanted to pop over here from QT and wish you many, many heartfelt CONGRATS!!!!! Thanks for sharing your query-to-agented story with us! Oh, oh, oh and I especially LOVED this part about your kids --> "Attempting to appear professional, I bribed them into silence and ran into the other room." LOL!

    Congrats again, and good luck with your revisions, I'm sure you will do just fine! :) :)

  2. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your good wishes!

  3. You're very welcome, these are REALLY exciting times!!! *interwebs dancing*

  4. Wow! way to go. Daniel Lazar is top notch. Cant wait to hear about it being sold!! Congratulations!

  5. Thank you! I'm giddy with excitement over signing with Dan!

  6. Congratulations!! So Super Awesome...a really fast. Look forward to reading the BOOK!

  7. Just read your Success Story on QT, and I'm so happy for you! Daniel Lazar has an incredible reputation, and you are definitely in good hands. Good luck on your revisions, and keep us posted!

  8. Sorry I'm late...but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I queried Mr. Lazar last month, and although he stated that my project wasn't right for him, he really did seem like he was a nice guy (and he was the very first agent to EVER get back to me; so even though it was a rejection, I was just happy with how quickly he responded!).

    I still have a long way to go with my journey in the querying world; but just reading yours thus far has definitely rekindled the loss of hope I've been starting to feel!
    Can't wait for more of your updates! :)

  9. Congratulations! That is such awesome news. I've worked with an independent editor too and she was an absolute Godsend. Good luck with the rewrites.

  10. Everyone, thank you so much for your encouragement. If there's one thing I've learned from this process, it's how great the writing community is. You guys are the best!

  11. I know this post is now probably filed in your mind as 'long ago', but I'm, also betting it's still very special to you. I came to your blog through your book. I read this story which your queried as BROKEN, but came to be known as THE PECULIAR MIRACLES OF ANTOINETTE MARTIN and fell in love with the story. I wish I could travel back in time to this post your wrote here on December 2nd 2011 and tell you how well this all works out, how beautifully your story will read and how magical that book will appear in the hands on your readers. Of course I can't do any of that, but I can tell you how much I was moved by your special book. I hope there will be many more to follow. I reminded me how special and 'magical' we all are and that what the world may look on as 'broken' is sometimes our greatest strength.
    I am also a fellow writer who is currently querying a literary fiction with magical realism. It is through your book that I decided to query Daniel Lazar. I read everything magical I can get my hands on, and when the story seems a match for where my book might one day fit among the shelves in bookstores, I write down the name of the agent. That is how I came to learn that you were represented by Daniel Lazar. I queried him about a month ago and within two days he requested my full. I am still waiting to here from him. No matter what he eventually decides about my book, I'm pretty thrilled he even requested it. That in itself is very VERY cool! And 'cool' is a hard thing for a mom of three boys to embrace, so I'm doing my best to grab onto what comes my way!

    Anyway, enough rambling. I just came here to say thanks for your beautiful book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope very much there will be many more of your books to buy. Keep on writing! And thanks again. Tab