Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas

One of the things I dream about is having a room of my own, a space that's just mine.  A space where I can spread out my papers and line the walls with books.  Preferably, a room with a window overlooking the garden.  Or better yet, an entire studio in the middle of a garden.  One where I can't hear the kids when they stand in the middle of the house screaming, "Mommy!  I need a pink crayon!  Where are the pink crayons?" 

Right now, I work anywhere I find the space--often at the kitchen table or propped up in bed.  It works, but I'd love to have somewhere I can leave my stuff without being afraid that the kids will use my novel for coloring sheets. 

Since Christmas is coming up, I've decided that this is what I'll ask for.  Specifically, Santa, I'd like to request a replica of the cottage above (and the garden to go with it!)  Please, Santa, I've spent enough years writing in the toy room next to a Thomas the Train table.  I'd like a grown up space now. 

Thanks.  I'll leave out some extra cookies this year!

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOODNESS - you are SO on to something with this writing cabin! Add a reflecting pond for some soothing atmosphere and I'm in heaven!

    *Adds to X-Mas list* :)