Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Poems

The Summer 2011 issue of Poetry Quarterly is out and four of my poems are included. As a lot of you know, I just graduated with my M.A. in English. My final project was a book-length collection of poetry about adopting my daughter, Grace, who is autistic and developmentally delayed.

I consider myself more of a fiction writer than a poet; however, I had been trying to tell Grace's story for years. When I stumbled into poetry, it seemed like the perfect form for her story. With poetry, I felt like I could capture snapshots of our lives together without the need to wrap up everything in a nice neat package at the end. Life with Grace is difficult and wonderful; exhausting and exhilarating. The one thing it isn't is tidy. I think poetry respects that.

The poems are available online. Click on "Open Publication" and turn to page 5 and you'll find my work. To zoom in, just click on the page.


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