Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Interupt the Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Just a quick note to say that regular blog posts will be interrupted for about week. I'm going in for surgery tomorrow & unfortunately, I won't be blogging from the hospital. (Or maybe that's fortunate. After all, do I really want to take morphine & post? Probably not!)

Anyway, when I return I've got several good topics for you all. I'm going to talk about writing a good anti-hero (it's harder than you think). I'm also going to talk about the importance of poetry. Yes, even in today's world--okay, especially in today's world--we need poets.

That's it for today. Tune in next week for New & Exciting blog posts!


  1. Good luck with your surgery! I hope it isn't anything too serious! And that you feel well when you come home! Found you on AW!

    Some Guys Are Toads

    Dare to Follow Your Heart

  2. Thanks Samantha! And don't you LOVE AW?!!