Friday, October 16, 2009

Short Story Stats

Swine flu seems to be on its way out. Sarah went back to school today and the boys are out in the kitchen making up words to the Wonder Woman theme song. Their conversation goes something like this:

Zach: In your satin tights, fighting for your Caleb! (giggles)
Caleb: That's me!
Zach: Can you imagine if you were Wonder Woman? (more giggles)
Caleb: I want to kissy kissy her!
Zach: Get us out from under Wonder Caleb!

Yes, I get the Good Mom award for letting my kids watch endless TV while we were all sick. Thus, my boys know all the words to the Wonder Woman theme song (and trust me, their version is much better.)

Anyway, now that everyone is feeling better and I feel like getting up off of the couch, I thought I would post the stats on my recent short story submissions. When I started sending stuff out, I was always curious about how long it took to get something accepted for publication. I submitted Modeling Life to 14 literary journals. I got 6 rejections and after it was accepted at Echo Ink Review I had to withdraw it from 7 journals. I started sending the story out in April and it was accepted for publication in September. (Echo Ink Review had a very fast response time. I sent the story to them on September 16 and they responded on September 22.)

Most of my submissions were electronic and I used Duotrope, which made keeping track of everything much easier. (I used to keep Excel Spreadsheets but then our computer crashed and I lost everything. Duotrope is so much better!)

Currently, I have two other short stories making the rounds (and a third I'm putting the finishing touches on.) Once I find homes from them, I'll post their submission stats.

Hope this was interesting and hope everyone has a Swine Flu free weekend!

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