Saturday, October 10, 2009

Short Story News

As usual, it has been a long time since I've posted, but I have a good reason. I've been writing. As a mom in graduate school with four kids, something's got to give. Since social services will get involved if I don't feed or bathe the kids, and my professors are picky about little things like turning in homework, the blog drew the short straw.

But what about the summer, you say? Couldn't I have posted then? Well, yes, but over the summer I indulged my wild and wacky side and hired a baby-sitter to watch the kids three days a week so that I could write. It was better than an affair (not that I would do that...Steve wipe the last sentence from your mind.) Sitting at Starbucks with a toffee-nut latte and my laptop. No one asking me to wipe their nose or other body parts. I wrote and wrote. It was wonderful. Sigh, the memories...

But never fear, here is what's quickly becoming my semi-annual post. In writing news my short story, Modeling Life has been accepted for publication in Echo Ink Review. It should be out in February. So mark your calendars and buy a copy!

Also, back in May I won a critique by an editor and agent of the first three chapters of my novel. The chapters are with the editor right now and as soon as I get them back, I'll be sending them on to the agent. Hopefully they will fall in love with my beautiful prose and make me an offer...(sorry, faded out into my fantasy world, I'm back now.) In reality, getting an honest critique by people in the industry is invaluable. No matter what comes of it, at the very least I'll be getting feedback on my writing which can only help.

Let's see, other news on the writing always I'm working on several different projects--novels, short-stories and as the result of a class I'm taking, I'm tinkering with creative non-fiction. It's a stretching process but fun.

So that's all of the news from the writing front. I will do my best not to let months go by without posting again.

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