Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life happens, writing suffers (or is postponed)

So the week started with Sarah developing a fever and cough on Sunday. It progressed to Steve getting sent home from work on Monday with the same symptoms. An hour after he got home, I got a call from Gracie's school saying she had a fever and was crying. Since she's non-verbal, it's really hard to figure out the problem when something's hurting her. After all, it's not like she can tell us. She just screams, which could mean anything from "I'm hungry" to "I'm having a seizure."

Anyway, I took her to the doctor (where she threw up in the car) and she was swabbed for swine flu and strep. Both were negative. So home we went. She stops crying and is her normal happy self.

Come Tuesday, Steve and Sarah are still sick so they head to the doctor where Steve is swabbed and the winner is....SWINE FLU!!! It's like winning the lottery (that is if you like your lottery Shirley Jackson style.) At the same time, I start a fever. Three of us are down.

Now it's Wednesday and Grace and Caleb wake with fevers. Swine flu for all! Zach, the only healthy one, is at school. Or rather, he was until we get a call from the school nurse. That's right, he's sick.

On the plus side, Steve and Sarah are getting better. On the down side, I'm getting worse. Sigh, this is the downside of parenting. No curling up in bed with a good book and riding it out when all FOUR of your kids are sick.

And that folks, is why I struggle to find time to write.

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