Thursday, January 15, 2009

Submissions and school

So, I promised to post when I got a response to my short story submissions. Yesterday I got a form email rejection from Virginia Quarterly. Disappointing, yes. I sulked for a while (okay, all night), but today submitted another story "The Fifth Mary" to The Kenyon Review, and sent "Modeling Life" out to American Short Fiction and AGNI. We'll see how it goes & I'll post the results here! One thing I will say for Virginia Quarterly is that they have a great response time. I think it's only been two weeks since I submitted my story. While I'm disappointed by the response, I have to say I'm glad not to have to wait for months to hear anything.

And I might have been a little hasty with my last post on the benefits of an MA program. With the impending adoption and the general craziness of life, I'm only taking one class. It's a theory class and I hate theory. The first class was Monday & already I have a presentation for the next class. It's on an article by John Carlos Rowe about Structure as defined as a literary term. Seemed easy when I signed up for it, but here's the first sentence:

"Structure" derives from the Latin structura, the substantive formed from the past participle structus, out of the verb struere, "to heap together, arrange," or as in the English cognate, to strew.

GAAHHH! It's fourteen pages of this. Have I mentioned I don't like theory? Sort of sucks the pleasure out of reading. But I shall overcome. I will "heap together" the best d#@n presentation on structure the class has ever seen. Or perhaps I'll arrange it, or maybe just strew some words on a page and stand blubbering in front of the class...

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