Tuesday, January 20, 2009

China News

Well, we finally got our Travel Approval (TA) from China! Looks like we'll be traveling some time in the next 3 weeks (that is, if we get our requested Consulate Appointement of 2/23.)

So, with my presentation on Structuralism (yuck!) on Monday and the general craziness of trying to prepare for a trip around the world, I probably won't be posting here much until we get back. But, if you want to follow along on our trip (either out of a burning desire to see international adoption up close and personal, or just nosiness - doesn't matter) feel free to pop over to my adoption blog. Just click on the link on the right titled, Little Knippers. There you'll find out how to navigate the Beijing airport with a five-year-old, and whether we actually survive bringing a twelve-year-old who doesn't speak English into our family. I guarantee you'll learn something, if nothing else, how much you appreciate your own life!

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