Thursday, December 18, 2008

Space to think

Ever since school ended, I've been at home with the kids. All three of them, all the time. It's only been a week, but already I'm losing my mind! Until last night, I hadn't realized how getting away, even for just a little while, gives me time to think, time to regroup, just gives me time...I have been struggling the past few days to reach my word count and I think it has to do with never having a moment to just think about the direction of my WIP (work in progress.)

Last night I met some friends from school. We had a great time and since we were all English Master's students, we got to talk about all of our geeky English stuff. You know, like the way scholarly articles never use "I". Stuff like that. So anyway, on the way home, I finally realized why I was stuck. While I was in school, I had been using the drive time to think about my WIP. I'd pop in a CD and think about plot points, character development, etc. I haven't had that in the past week. Every where I go, I'm accompanied by the pitter patter of little feet, and the chitter chatter of little mouths. So all of that time to just think has been missing.

On the way home last night, I was able to think through sticky points in my story and when I got home, my writing time was much more productive.

So looks like I'm going to have to not only carve out time to write, but time to think as well...hmm, guess I'll be sleeping even less now...

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